Carrier Preschool . Pre-K programs in Bristol

The curriculum for the Preschool and Pre-K classrooms are broken down into monthly themes and specific areas of learning each week. Along with our monthly themes, our Preschool/Pre-K students begin learning counting, letter songs, colors, shapes and sorting skills.

Pre-k/Preschool curriculum

Curriculum in our Preschool/Pre-K classrooms implement monthly themes that include bi-weekly numbers, letters, shapes, and colors. This is to prepare them for school readiness and to build their recognition skills to be successful learners. Discovery areas are another part of learning sharing, cleaning, and their overall social and cognitive skills. Our approach helps them to meet their social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and developmental needs. We conduct two assessments a year to see where your child’s needs, interest, and abilities are in order to plan appropriately. Teachers work to establish a structure and classroom community where children learn to work together and solve problems. Make learning fun and they will love to learn!
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Pre-K themes

September: Health and Exercise 
October: Farming and Harvesting 
November: Healthy Me! 
December: Holidays Around the World January: Journey Through Space 
February: Community Helpers and Rescue Vehicles 
March: The Arts pre-K school topics
April: Seasons and Weather 
May: Insect Discovery 
June: Animals and Habitat 
July: Life in the Ocean 
August: Dinosaur Days 

Preschool themes

September: About Me! 
October: Fun on the Farm 
November: Our Feelings 
December: Winter Wonderland 
January: My Five Senses 
February: Healthy Kids 
March: Transportation 
April: Growing 
May: The Circus 
June: Patriotic Preschoolers 
July: By the Sea 
August: At the Dentist
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